Places are evolving as platforms. The cities and towns of the future are interdisciplinary knowledge sharing machines.

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The City As Platform concept defines how cities are evolving as physical and digital forums for community building, value share, and citizen engagement. Today, expertise across all sectors is distributed, not centralized. Therefore, the city and towns of the future are platforms for disseminating the collective knowledge of their communities — both local and global — delivered across myriad channels connecting the online and offline worlds.


“We are, after all, interpreters of place.”

— Zita Cobb, FOUNDER, Fogo island inn



Thinking of modern cities as knowledge sharing machines emphasizes how they perform as incubators and accelerators for new ideas. Cities, towns and neighborhoods are collision spaces for innovation. They're portals for locals and visitors to explore the future of connectivity, mobility, livability. They're test laboratories for how we as diverse society can coexist more effectively and productively.

The purpose of this blog is to explore how all individuals are interpreters of place — and stewards of place — informing the interoperable contexts of their local and global networks.

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Fogo Island Inn



Since early civilization, travel has always been a journey toward enlightenment. The Silk Route, connecting Asia and Europe for the first time, was the original information superhighway. Today, governments, economic development organizations, universities, and tourism organizations are collaborating more intentionally to align their strategies benefiting both their local and visitor economies. However, the bulk of insight explaining this shift is typically too academic or industry-specific for popular consumption.

The end goal of this blog is to create a simple roadmap for anyone interested in the future of crowdsourced knowledge sharing, civic tech, community building, and inclusive economic development. 


“The challenge is for individuals and society to design their future responsibly.”

Harald Neidhardt, CEO, MLOVE

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MLove Hamburg



Q1/Q2 2017 growth in international travel / UNWTO


2017 growth in outbound Chinese traveler expenditure / UNWTO


Percentage of people traveling internationally for business in 2017 / UNWTO


“We’re more conscious of how important it is to match up everything happening on the entrepreneurial and business development side with how we position Albuquerque for the acquisition of more conventions. We see convention and economic development as two sides of the same coin.”

— Gary Oppedahl, director of economic development, City of Albuquerque


Innovation Central District, Albuquerque


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